Friday, July 12, 2013

Sharing the Pinterest Obession

Since we've been sharing lesson ideas this week, I thought I share my Pinterest obsession with you today.  Who doesn't love Pinterest?  I admit, I am a bit addicted to it.  I have to make sure I set a time limit when I start looking at pins and adding my own pins from blogs or websites.  In fact I have almost 6,000 pins and over 100 boards. I decided it was better to have more boards to spread out the pins rather than have 1,000s of pins on one board. Much easier to find what you are looking for that way.

I also admit that I don't always go back to everything I pin.  I see something that I think is cute or that I MIGHT use one day and I will repin it.  Thus the almost 6,000 pins.

But I do use Pinterest a lot when planning so I am VERY glad that our county decided to unblock Pinterest.  I pin ideas for lessons that I've seen on other blogs or decorations or clipart.  I've even pinned YouTube videos to use for my blog posts.  It's so much nicer than just doing adding a boring old favorites link on a browser tab.  

Here are some of my Library/Media Center related boards. Feel free to repin anything or follow any of the boards.

And just for fun...

Are you on Pinterest?  Join the linky below so we can follow all of your neat pins!  =)

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