Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Do the Dewey

This month the Media Center is featuring non-fiction as the Genre of the Month.  I have been teaching non-fiction lessons to second through fifth grade classes for the last few weeks.  I found some great resources on the Internet and tweaked them to fit the needs of the students at my school.

It's tough to explain to elementary students what fits into a category called Generalities or Philosophy and Psychology.  But I made some reference sheets for them as well as a bookmark for them to refer to.

Today I made a Dewey Body Buddy worksheet based on a Highsmith poster (got permission from the company to do so) to go with the lesson for second and third grade.   Just click  HERE or on the picture below to snag your FREE copy.  I'd appreciate your feedback in return.  =)


  1. Thank you. I have been trying to find a way to make NF and DDS more interesting. Many Many Thanks.

  2. I made up a song to teach the DDS. It is sung to the tune "One little, two little, three little Indians..." I have the students raise a finger with each section so that they can remember the song better and it can really hit home that there are 10 sections in the DDS.
    I start with the 100's so that the students can link "one finger means 100's." You kind of have to squish the words in at the end of the tune but it did help some students remember. Anyway the lyrics go: "Psychology, religion, culture & fairy tales, languages, science- including wild animals, technology, arts and sports, jokes-riddles-poetry, history-geography, whatever's left over." If you have tried to sing it you can see it you will have to say somethings quickly (jokes-riddles-poetry has to fit where you would sing "nine little Indians"). But after we sing the song several times I ask the students which of the sections would be their favorite and I try to get them to connect that if they like books about sports they have to raise seven fingers.
    I don't know if any of that makes sense to you but I like your blog so i just wanted to leave an idea that worked okay for me.

    1. I love this idea of a Dewey song. Going to try that with my babies.

  3. This is an absolutely fantastic resource - I have been looking for ages for a way to explain the Dewey system to my kiddos and can't wait to show this to them. Thanks for creating and sharing