Monday, September 30, 2019

First Checkout Friday

Our fall Book Fair was about a month ago and all of the new books we received are finally shelf ready, including three new copies of the latest Dog Man!

The problem is that there are 450 kids that all want to checkout those 3 copies.

So I decided to do a drawing for the chance to be the first to checkout one of the new Dog Man books.  I am calling it First Checkout Friday.

All week as classes visit the media center, students will be invited to fill out an entry form.
You can get a copy of the entry form HERE.  You will need to download it to save a copy.

I will draw the winner from all the entries on Thursday afternoon and the winner will be announced on Friday's morning announcements.

The classes that I told today were super excited and just about every student filled out a form. So there will be lots of entries for this First Checkout Friday.  I love how the excitement is building over getting to be the first to checkout the newest book of this favorite series!

Do you do anything special to get new, popular books out to your students?  Leave me a comment and let me know!