Monday, July 8, 2013

Cool Web 2.0 Tool

I don't know how it's been where you live, but we've been having nothing but rain for like 2 weeks.  I really don't know how there can be that much water vapor in the air.  Seriously. And I don't live anywhere near Seattle.  Crazy.

Speaking of crazy...I was going stir crazy with cabin fever, so I decided to paint my sons' bathroom.  We've had a ladybug theme since we moved in 11 years ago because that's what I had in my bachelorette apartment, so I though it was time to make it more masculine.

I like the end result.

Anyway, while blog surfing, I came across a neat web 2.0 tool and decided I could use it to help decorate the bathroom. It's called Clipping Magic and it works like PhotoShop (so I'm told), but it's free. I personally have never used PhotoShop, but I found this website super easy to use.

I simply uploaded a few pictures of items from the boys' bathroom: a couple of wash cloths, a toothbrush holder and the embellishment on the bottom of a towel.  

And I used the tools at the top of the page to remove the background or to keep certain areas.  

Then I downloaded the end product, copied and pasted it into PowerPoint, printed them off and made these pictures to hang in the bathroom.

I even added my boys' picture and a picture of their dog into the "windows" of the submarine.

I think Clipping Magic could be fun to use in the library or classroom.  You could take pictures of students and paste them onto different backgrounds.  You could then save those pictures and upload them to fun iPad apps and record students' book reviews or have them type a poem over that picture in PowerPoint.  You could create interesting posters for the classroom and media center.  There are so many possibilities!

Check out Clipping Magic and see for yourself!  What would you do with this cool tool?

Update: As of July 2014 (when I last went to use Clipping Magic), this site has now gone to a subscription.

If you use this site frequently, it might be worth the investment.  As for me, I don't use it all that often, so I was a bit disappointed that it went to a subscription basis.