Monday, July 15, 2013


I know I just shared my obsessions with Pinterest, but I also know not everyone can access Pinterest at school.  Enter eduClipper.

Have you heard about eduClipper?  It's like Pinterest, but for education.  You just clip what you want to save to a eduClipboard.  You can reClip, share, like and comment on others' clips. 

There's a bookmarklet tool to make clipping easy.

What can you clip?  Websites, videos, documents like Word documents, PowerPoints, and Excel documents, Google docs, images from the web and even embedded images from sites like Prezi and Glogster can be clipped.  Here's an example of some clips:

There are collaborative clipboards and you can even add classes!  Yes, you can add your students to your eduClipper account!  You can then share sets of clips with students or mark your clips as private which will hide it from other people on eduClipper.

Why use eduClipper instead of Pinterest?  Well, many schools block Pinterest, but eduClipper is likely not to be blocked because it is education related.  It would be a great place to save sites for your students to use or even have your students use it to save websites, videos, documents, and images for research.  Or use both. Save Pinterest for your personal interests and use eduClipper for school related stuff.

Educlipper is currently working on instructional videos to show all the ins and outs of using eduClipper, but if you're like me, I learn best by playing around with stuff on my own.  However, it is nice to have help if you get stuck.

And just like Pinterest, eduClipper is free. So why not sign up and try it out for yourself?

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