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Saturday, August 1, 2015

I {Mustache} You to Check Out My New Theme Decor

I have been busy decorating the media center for the new school year.  I went with the mustache theme after discussing it with the media committee last year. It's a theme that both upper and lower elementary will enjoy, which is always a plus.  I still have a little bit more to do, but the majority of the decorating is complete.

The signs I used to decorate with are included in my

(now with EDITABLE blank signs and library/media center passes)

Here's a sneak peak:

I cut out a large mustache out of bulletin board paper to hang over the door.


I made the door signs when I was designing my Mustache Themed Library Media Center Pack to see how they would look.  I made some changes to them in the pack, but since I had already printed them out, I went ahead and used them on my doors.

These are the doors on the inside of the media center.  The parent volunteer sign is included in my Mustache Themed Library Media Center Pack.  The Tweet door is something I have used for several years now. I got the idea from the Filling the Frame with Learning blog.  You can read more about how I use the door HEREHERE, and HERE.

I updated my AR Hall of Fame in the hallway.  I used this to highlight the top word count earners in 2nd-5th grades each month.  I didn't change out the letters, although I have made new letters that match the mustche theme.  I just haven't had a chance to do that yet, but they are printed, laminated and cut out, ready to hot glue to the wall next week.  The AR Hall of Fame letters and month signs are included in the Mustache Themed Library Media Center Pack.

For the circulation desk, I tried changing out the mustache clipart for black mustaches to go with the black background and to match the black mustaches in the colored background on each poster.  I liked the look so it's what I went with in the Mustache Themed Library Media Center Pack.

I like using book jackets that I don't use for new books that come in to decorate the media center.

I have one large bulletin board on the wall as you enter the media center.  I divide it into three parts to create 3 different bulletin board displays.

The first is the Reader of the Month bulletin board that I use to highlight the 2nd-5th graders who have the highest word count in AR each month. These signs are included in my Mustache Themed Library Media Center Pack.  The Reader of the Month pictures are also placed on the bulletin board in the hallway.  The pictures in the hallway stay up all year, whereas the pictures on this bulletin board change out each month.

The end of the bulletin board is my Mustache Themed Book Return Reward Bulletin Board Set.  I use this bulletin board to encourage and reward students for bringing back their borrowed materials on time.

The middle bulletin board changes each year.  Some years I highlight different authors; some years I highlight teachers and their favorite books.  This year I decided I would highlight our media center's collection.  I am going to display
  • the number of books in our collection
  • the number of weeded books so far
  • the number of lost books each month (I hope this stays at a low number)
  • the number of checkouts each month
  • the number of class visits each month
  • the top 5 books checked out each month
  • the top 5 patrons each month (who checked out the most)
I think this bulletin board is a great way to showcase what we have in our collection and to show how much (or how little) it is being used.  I hope that this will increase visits and circulation throughout the year.

I have made this into a freebie that you can download on TpT. You can snag it HERE.  If you download it, please let me know what you think.

And here's the really awesome news.  Teachers Pay Teachers is having their annual Back to School sale August 3-4 and my TpT store will be 28% off during the sale.  Just use the promo code BTS15 at checkout.  If you've had your eye on something, August 3-4 is the time to buy!

Hope you enjoy and good luck this year!

Friday, July 17, 2015

#toptentitles Non-fiction

The nonfiction section had so many ties that there were more than 50 titles listed.   However, looking at the first 10 books listed, you can get a good idea of what types of books are the most popular, so in the interest of time, that is what I went with.

Here are the top ten non-fiction books based on circulation in our media center:

What?!  A cat book?!

Guess I better order some more military vehicle books for this upcoming year.

What are your top nonfiction books?

Thursday, July 16, 2015

#toptentitles Wildcat Favorites

The Wildcat Favorites section in our media center is made up (mostly) of fiction series books that are the most popular with our patrons.  This can include picture books (E), easy chapter books (EC), upper fiction books (FIC), as well as middle grade fiction books (MG FIC), and graphic novels.  Because these are the most popular books, the number of circulations for these titles is higher overall.  To read more about the Wildcat Favorite section, click HERE.

Interestingly, this year Diary of  a Wimpy Kid did not take the top place, although it did appear in the top ten more than once.  It's nice to see that different series are becoming more popular...Bad Kitty, Lunch Lady, and Squish are among some of the favorites gaining ground.  Here are the top ten Wildcat Favorites from 2014-2015 in our media center.

Three Lunch Lady titles sharing the top ten spot with 3 other books

Another Lunch Lady and a Squish book along with a Dork Diaries title make the number nine spot.

Number eight includes another Lunch Lady and the first of many Bad Kitty titles and Diary of a Wimpy Kid titles along with 3 other favorites.

Number surprises there

Number six...the first DOAWK

Number five...a Bad Kitty title

Number four...a Bad Kitty title

Number three.,..they love Lunch Lady!

Number two...down several spots from last year...DOAWK titles

And the number one Wildcat Favorites of the year went to a Bad Kitty title and an I Spy title.

It seems that the books I have placed in the Wildcat Favorites have certainly earned their spots.  What are your patrons' favorite series books?

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

#toptentitles Middle Grade Fiction

I have a separate section in my media center just for fourth and fifth graders.  This section includes chapter books with more mature story lines as well as longer plots (i.e. more pages), usually with characters who are in middle school or about to enter middle school.  If you're curious as to why I created this section, you can read my post about it HERE.

Middle Grade fiction is another large section in our library and because of that, there are more books to choose from, so each book may not get a high circulation.  In addition, many of the titles in the top ten are newer additions to our collection and did not have the full year to circulate.

Number ten was a tie between two new additions to our collection.

The number nine spot was taken by three books, also newer additions to our collection.

The number eight spot is held by books that are a little older in our collection, but still new within the last two years.  This is not the only appearance of one of the NERDS titles to show up in this top ten.

I must confess that I have only read 1 out of  the three of  the books that hold the number seven spot, but Hoot is definitely on my "to be read" shelf.

The number six spot is a tie between 4 books, none of which surprise me.  All have eye catching covers and the story lines are pretty good.

Number five...Vampire books are always a hit.

Number four...the other two NERDS books in our collection made it to the top five!

The number three book...I may have had a little bit to do with the popularity of this title as I book talked it with both fourth and fifth grade classes, but it is also a really good action read.

The number two spot...another fun read for tweens

And the number one middle grade fiction book...

I was ecstatic to see that a Haddix book took the number one spot. I find her books so exciting and apparently the kids enjoy her books, too.

What are some of your favorite middle grade reads?  Any of these also popular in your library or media center?