Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Internet Safety Games

To support the Internet safety lesson I taught, I often had links to Internet safety games for the kids to play once the lesson was complete.  I put these up on my website so that students could access them in their classroom and at home.  Here are some of their favorites:

This is a fun, video-game type adventure that teaches kids to recognize the ads all around them, both off and online.

Games, videos and activities inspired by the PBS Kids show Cyberchase.

This is a fun tic-tac-toe type game that asks players to answer Internet safety questions.

Help save Safety Land from the nasty character who is trying to make the town sick.

This is an interactive adventure that challenges players to answer Internet safety questions about the storyline.  It's a fun spin off of the Three Little Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf.

The adventure continues!  This adventure talks about netiquette and determining the difference between fact and opinion.

Another fun arcade like game about Internet safety.  Kids learn to be safe while playing.

Do you have some fun Internet safety games that you use with your students?


  1. Thanks, I didn't know about a few of these! I'm quite fond of Professor Garfield, Cybersmart, Privacy Playground and Webonauts. I learned this year about Hector's World. I collect my favorite internet safety links here:

    1. I forgot about Professor Garfield and Hector's World. Those are great, too. Thanks for sharing your links. =)