Sunday, June 30, 2013

I'm Still Here

I know I've been MIA lately.  I was taking a bit of a break from work related things to deal with personal things as well as to take a little vacation.

We had a yard sale a few weeks ago.  We're trying to clean out the clutter and make a little more room in our tiny house.  My husband keeps talking about putting the house up for sale, but we have a lot of work to do before then.

Then we took a trip to Tennessee to visit family and have a little fun. We took our boys to see Monsters University and to the Aquarium of the Smokies.  They had a great time.

In between all of that, I've read a few books and put a few new items together for TpT, so stay tuned. I promise more posts are coming soon!

How are you enjoying your summer?

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Good News!

Horray!  Our new principal has been named and it's our AP! She's the smiling gal on the right in the picture below.

We are so happy and know that our little school is in good hands.  And now I can relax this summer. LOL

To Mel and to Moreland!

Saturday, June 8, 2013

New Get Wild About Reading Theme

Wow!  It has been really tough to get motivated knowing that our beloved principal will not be returning next year.  We are still on pins and needles wondering who will take her place.  To take my mind off of it, I've been working on my Media Center theme for next year.

After meeting with my media committee, I decided to go with the "Get Wild About Reading" theme.  

I had so much fun putting this packet together thanks to some cute graphics from Scrappin Doodles and Digi Web Studio.

After creating my signage, I used our poster maker to enlarge the signs for the doors and circulation desk.  Then I printed the smaller items and laminated everything before got started decorating.

Some of the teachers and staff were kind of laughing at me because my Media Center is ready to go and we've only been out of school for a few days.

What can I say?  I like to get things done.  

And now I can enjoy the rest of my summer, well, until July when I start working on my lesson plans.  =)

My "Get Wild About Reading" Library/Media Center pack is available here on TpT for $7.00.  It includes a ton of items:
  • 10 "Get Wild About Reading signs (5 with "in our Media Center" and 5 wth "in our library", different orientations and different backgrounds
  • 2 check out sings
  • 1 "Return Books Here" sign
  • 2 Schedule signs (one for a media center, one for a library
  • 8 library/media center passes with space to write teachers' names
  • 2 pass reminder signs
  • 3 due date reminder signs
  • 8 Group/Table signs
  • 2 volunteer recruitment posters (one that says "library" and one that says "media center"
  • 12 different "Search Slip" signs to decorate search slip baskets/containers
  • "AR Wild Readers' Club" sign
  • "Hall of Fame" letters for AR recognition or other reading recognition
  • "Wild Reader of the Month" signs for 2nd-5th grades
  • 12 animal print month signs that can be used to display the "Wild Reader of the Month"
  • 12 different "Wild About Reading" bookmarks (9 that can be used as part of a reading incentive program; just have students fill out the bookmarks and turn them in for a small prize when complete
  • Blank "Wild About Reading" 12 month calendar
BONUS:  Adopt a Book sign  (You can read about my Adopt a Book shelf here.)

Here's a free download of some of the bookmarks included in the pack.

This pack was so much fun to make.  I hope the kids will be excited about it next year, too!

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Mixed Emotions

Just received news that the principal of my school, the matriarch who has made our little school what it is, will be retiring after 25 years at our school as of July 1st.  I had no clue she was going to retire this year, although I knew it was coming soon.  I am so sad, but extremely happy for her at the same time.

She is such a wonderful person and a fantastic administrator.  Here she is pictured (on the left) with our wonderful AP.  You can probably tell from the picture that she is a lively person and so fun to work for!  She knows the name of every student who has ever stepped through our doors while she was administrator.  She cares for everyone of our kiddos and is very big on putting family first.  I have been called to her office several times only to be told I was working too hard and to take some time to be with my family.  When does that EVER happen?  I have only worked for her for two years and I feel as though I am losing a family member. It is going to be very difficult for anyone to fill her shoes.  I just hope our board will be able to find the right person for our little school.

Although I am sad for us, I truly am happy for her.  She has worked hard and definitely deserves this time.  So I say congrats with tearful eyes and a hopeful heart that everything works out for us all.

*sniff*  *sniff*