Wednesday, July 10, 2013

More Resource Books

After yesterday's post, I got in the mood to look at more resource books.

These are some library skills books that I already own:

208 pages, $14.51 on Amazon
This is by far the best and most helpful book I've found.  LOVE it!!!  =)

248 pages, $33.25 on Amazon
This was a textbook for me in one of my Masters classes. It has a lot of good info in it that I refer back to from time to time.

176 pages, $14.22 on Amazon
I refer to this book when ordering books.  It is fantastic.  I also love the beginning of the book. I think I highlighted just about all of the first 30 pages.  Great book for any teacher or librarian to read.

128 pages, $10.99 on Amazon
I use this book a lot with my Kinders and firsties.

128 pages, $12.59 on Amazon

57 pages, $13.47 on Amazon

57 pages, $12.42 on Amazon
I didn't find this book to be very helpful.

56 pages, $11.50 on Amazon
This book wasn't what I thought it would be. I was kind of disappointed.

200 pages, $16.15 on Amazon
This book was a little more helpful, but still wasn't quite what I was looking for.

135 pages, $15.45 on Amazon
I inherited this book.  I look at it from time to time, but haven't really utilized it that much.

56 pages, $13.45 on Amazon
I haven't used this one yet, but it looks promising.

On my wishlist are

159 pages, $11.59 on Amazon

128 pages, $12.59 on Amazon

128 pages, $12.33 on Amazon

I am debating about whether or not to get these:

155 pages, $38.00 on Amazon

224 pages, $38.41 on Amazon

Source                                 Source
44, 33, 48 pages, $14.36 each on Amazon

Source                                  Source
79 pages, $14.36 on Amazon        92 pages, $12.96 on Amazon

Do you use any of these?  What are your favorites?

*I'm an affiliate for things I've bought or used personally.  If you click through any referral links (if included), at no cost to you, I will earn a commission if you make a purchase.  Thank you for your support in this way.


  1. I've seen the first two "Jump Start" titles and the two Stretchy Library Lessons. To be honest? If you didn't find Fun-brarian, the other Stretchy Library Lessons, or the LIbrary Sparks book to be super helpful ... you won't those, either.
    They're all nice to look at. In theory. Basic ideas. But boots on the ground actual instructional use with kids of all interest and ability? Ummm ... not so much. One or two good ideas here or there but not usually worth the cost of the book.
    IMHO. Now I sound all negative. Don't mean that. But when I saw we agreed on not being super excited about some of 'em I thought I'd at least point it out.

    1. Thanks for the heads up. I'd rather not spend the money and be disappointed, especially if I could use the money to purchase library books instead. =)

  2. I have a few of these (Stretchy Library Lessons, 57 Games, Funbrarian), but I honestly don't use them. I really loved The Book Whisperer by Donalyn Miller--I think it's a must-read for all librarians and anyone who teaches reading.

    The best library tips and activity ideas I've gotten lately have almost all come from reading librarian blogs like yours, Mrs. Yingling, and Elementary Matters, among many others. We have incredible talent in our industry, and unlike the books, the blogs are free and updated constantly.

    1. Totally agree about The Book Whisperer, and the Reading Zone by Nancie Atwell was a pretty good read, too.

      Good point about fellow bloggers. The ideas we share are really the freshest out there.

  3. The Stretchy series is not worth investing in. I have the others and they are getting a bit dated. I found there to be one or two that I've used, but not worth buying the whole books. I just ordered the Tibrarian book - sounds like something I would enjoy using.

    1. Good to know about the other books. I hope you enjoy the Tibrarian book. It really has been the most helpful to me. I like seeing in depth what other librarian/media specialists are doing and she gives a lot of lesson ideas and even a calendar of whole year for K-5. I am using her book to help guide my lesson planning this year, along with talking with the teachers at my school, too. =)

  4. Have you checked your local library for books? I just checked out a ton of books, and some of these titles were available from my library. Granted I live in a big city, but I was very surprised at what was available. I check them out of the library and if they are very good I end up buying them for myself!

    1. I am ashamed to admit that I never thought of looking at the public library for library lesson books, but that is a great idea! Thanks for the idea. =)