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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Research Lessons

In the last month or so, I have taugth several research lessons to both upper and lower grades.  Thought I'd share them with you.

Last week I taught a simple lesson on reference books to first grade.  I covered atlas, dictionary, glossary and encyopedia.  I made a PowerPoint for this lesson.

You can download it here or by clicking on the picture above.

I have also been teaching a research lesson to third, fourth, and fifth grades.  In the lesson I cover what books to use in the Media Center for research (reference books and non-fiction books) as well as online reference sources to use including kid-friendly search engines, the online catalog, reference sites and fact sites.  I also cover how to decide if a website is good to use or not by evaluating it, and why it is important to evaluate a website.  I addressed animal research for third grade and biographies of civil war heroes for fourth grade.

You can download the third grade research PowerPoint here.  

You can download the fourth and fifth grades research PowerPoint here.

Note:  Several of the slides included in these PowerPoints included pictures from my Media Center.  Please feel free to insert pictures of your own Media Center if you end up using these lessons.

Here is a handout that I also gave out to the third, fourth, and fifth grade classes
 that included information and websites covered in the research lessons. 

Hope you can use some of these.  =)

This post helped me complete the Five Star Blogger challenge that Charity Preston began on the Organized Classroom Blog.  It was a great challenge that forced me to self-reflect on my blog.  As a result I am trying to do some spring cleaning on my blog like fixing spelling, grammar, typos and making sure links work.  Great idea.  Check it out and see if you can meet the challenge. 

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  1. Hi! I found your blog from TBA! I am your newest follower:) I would love if you would stop by and visit me...

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Jessica. I popped by your blog and became a follower. I taught in a computer lab for a while, too and loved it. Am looking forward to more of your posts on your blog. =)

  2. Hi,
    These are pure gold! Thanks so much for sharing.

    1. So glad you like them. Hope they're useful to you. =)

  3. Fantastic post with great ideas! Thanks so much for linking up for the 5-Star Blogger Challenge!

    The Organized Classroom Blog

    1. Thanks for hosting it! It was a great idea. =)

  4. Wow, This is so great! Thank you for posting!

  5. What a great resource! Thank you for making my job so much easier as I begin teaching my 4th graders about research.