Wednesday, April 11, 2012

New Pinterest Boards

So I had a bad case of insomnia the other night, or maybe I just had my days and nights mixed up after being off a week for Spring Break. But in any case, I stayed up waaaay late the other night and created a couple of new Pinterest Boards.

The first board is for librarian blogs that I follow and thought others might enjoy following them, too.  Hey, maybe I pinned yours!  I am adding to it as I find new library blogs.  If you know of any I missed, let me know and I'll add it.  You can check it out here.

The next board idea, I "borrowed" from another blogger, Charity Preston of the Organized Classroom Blog, who borrowed the idea from another blogger herself.  It's a "READ ME FIRST" board to let people get to know who I am.  I have pinned information about myself and my boards as well as some of the online things I have going on.  If you're interested, you can check it out here.  I thought it was a neat idea.  Feel free to "borrow" it, too.

Those are the only two new boards that are library related, but I do have some older boards that you might enjoy as well.

SLMS Organization is a board filled with library organization ideas.

MC lessons is a board that contains ideas for library lessons.

Book Care is a board all about teaching book care.  I thought it was an important enough topic to warrant it's own board, although, admittedly there are only 4 pins currently.

Ditto for my Finding Just Right Books and Dewey Ideas boards.

I started a Library Center Ideas board after I discovered Cari's The Centered School Library blog.  In fact, the first pins came from Cari's blog. Love her stuff!

I am always looking for interesting and new ways to highlight books so I stared a Book Promos board.

My school LOVES Accelerated Reader.  So I started an AR board to help me keep the fresh ideas flowing.

When I come across some neat posters that I think would look good in the Media Center I pin it the Posters for MC board.

I also have a MC Decor board.

One of my favorite boards is my Bookmark board.  Whenever I come across free and/or cute bookmarks, I pin them onto this board.

My Educational Technology, iPads in Education, and QR Codes Lessons and Activities boards aren't directly related to the Media Center necessarily, but you may find something on them to be helpful.

Please feel free to repin, comment, like, or follow any of my pins or boards.  If you need an invite to Pinterest, just shoot me an email by clicking on my signature below.  I'll email you back with the invite details.

Hope you find something you like!  =)


  1. You are a genious! I really like my librarian, but I wish you were at my school!

  2. Great information for school librarians!I have already started following two of your library boards. I am also an elementary school librarian was wondering if you have any collaborative boards for other SLMS's to join. I would love to be added to your collaborative boards! My pinterest is

    1. Thanks! I don't currently have any group boards, but I think that's an excellent idea. I might have to start one. You might also like to check out my collaborative blog for librarians: Sharing the Shelves If you're interested, I'd love to add you as a contributor. Just let me know. =)