Thursday, April 5, 2012

MC Organization and Management

I read a post from Sonya on the Library Patch a few weeks ago about how she is using baskets for her series books.  Love the idea, although I do something a bit different.  (See my post about Wildcat Favorites)  But it got me to thinking about how I've organized the MC.

Here are some of the things I have done in the MC to help manage check out.

First, I use a number pad for students to type in their patron number.  This keeps them from having to keep up with a library card.  Their patron number is the same as their lunch number that they have to punch in on a  similar key pad if they buy their lunch, so most patrons know their numbers already. It really has worked out well.

Pinterest inspired, I made two of these Due Date reminder frames.  I got the frames at the Dollar Tree and made my own sign to go in it.  I use a dry erase marker to change the date each day.  Easy peasy!

I also made this sign that hangs near the exit to give them another reminder of their due date.  It is laminated so I can use a dry erase marker to change the date and made days of the week signs attached with velcro to make it a bit more colorful.

Students bring MC passes with them when they come for open checkout.  To help remind them to pick up their passes, I made this sign that I taped to the top of the circulation desk.

I also have a pass reminder sign near the exit. 

Students still seem to be forgetting their passes, so this week I made new passes using badge clips I got at Wal-Mart so that they don't even have to hold onto their pass, just attach it to their clothing.  We'll see how it goes.  Each grade level has a different color pass.  K and 1st get 2 passes and 2nd-5th get 3 passes.  I guess I will take the pass reminder off the circulation desk so that they don't take off their new passes.   But I think I will still keep up the reminder on the window just in case they did take their pass off.  I'll keep you posted on the new passes.

On the other side of the window, coming into the MC, I post the weekly MC schedule.

Sometimes I am by myself in the MC and I might be shelving books where patrons can't see.  So I put out a little bell for patrons to ring if they need help and can't see me.

I also recently finished organizing my office.  Here are the before and after pics.

This was my office at the beginning of the summer, before I moved in.

Here's what my office looked like a few weeks later.

And a few weeks after that.  That is about as far as I got until about a month ago when I started organizing again.

And here's what it looks like today.  I still need to organize the file cabinet, but it's much more livable now.

Here's my wall next to my desk. I have my schedule, calendar, school year calendar and other important info on this wall.  I use the clear plastic protector sheets to change the weekly schedules out each week.  It works great, for now, but I'd like to eventually get a big bulletin board for the wall. It will also help to hide that lovely yellow Internet cable going down the wall.

And here's my beautiful desk, clean and clutter free at least for this shot. I keep the files I use the most on my desk.  I love my wireless keyboard and mouse.  It helps keep the wire clutter down.

So that's just a small snapshot of my MC.  One of these days I will get around to doing a video tour, but for now, I hope you enjoyed this small sneak peak.


  1. I love these ideas!! I want to know where you got the cute polka dot frames you use on your signs? I need that download! :)

    1. Thanks! I got the frames from a free TpT download from Karen Cox. I use them for everything! Love. Love. LOVE them. Here's the link: