Wednesday, July 15, 2015

#toptentitles Middle Grade Fiction

I have a separate section in my media center just for fourth and fifth graders.  This section includes chapter books with more mature story lines as well as longer plots (i.e. more pages), usually with characters who are in middle school or about to enter middle school.  If you're curious as to why I created this section, you can read my post about it HERE.

Middle Grade fiction is another large section in our library and because of that, there are more books to choose from, so each book may not get a high circulation.  In addition, many of the titles in the top ten are newer additions to our collection and did not have the full year to circulate.

Number ten was a tie between two new additions to our collection.

The number nine spot was taken by three books, also newer additions to our collection.

The number eight spot is held by books that are a little older in our collection, but still new within the last two years.  This is not the only appearance of one of the NERDS titles to show up in this top ten.

I must confess that I have only read 1 out of  the three of  the books that hold the number seven spot, but Hoot is definitely on my "to be read" shelf.

The number six spot is a tie between 4 books, none of which surprise me.  All have eye catching covers and the story lines are pretty good.

Number five...Vampire books are always a hit.

Number four...the other two NERDS books in our collection made it to the top five!

The number three book...I may have had a little bit to do with the popularity of this title as I book talked it with both fourth and fifth grade classes, but it is also a really good action read.

The number two spot...another fun read for tweens

And the number one middle grade fiction book...

I was ecstatic to see that a Haddix book took the number one spot. I find her books so exciting and apparently the kids enjoy her books, too.

What are some of your favorite middle grade reads?  Any of these also popular in your library or media center?

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  1. I recommend a book by Jim West called Libellus de Numeros (The Book of Math) that makes math and science relevant and fun in a story of magic and danger. The story is about Alex, a young precocious girl, who mysteriously gets transported to a strange world where Latin and Math combine in formulas and equations with magical effects. With a cruel council leading the only safe city of its kind in this world, she will have to prove her worth to stay as well as help this city as it is the target for two evil wizards who seek to destroy the city and its ruling council. To help the city and also get back home, she will need the help of the greatest mathematician of all time, Archimedes. In a world where math is magic, Alex wishes she paid more attention in math class. Search for the book on Goodreads for reviews. A review mentioned, “A lot of the books that have educational elements embedded in the plot feel forced. Libellus de Numeros is just the opposite. The math, science, etc. are natural, organic, contributing parts of the plot that fit in seamlessly." My 11-year-old daughter just finished reading it and she learned math in a fun way.