Monday, July 13, 2015

#toptentitles Easy Chapter Books

I created the Easy Chapter book section a few years ago to make it easier for patrons who were ready to move onto chapter books to find good reads, as well as for students who may need chapter books that weren't quite so long to read.  You can read more about this section HERE.

This year's top Easy Chapter books include many Henry and Mudge titles as well as most of the Buddy Files series, and a few happy new surprises for me.  Here are the top ten easy chapter books for our media center:

Number ten includes Buddy Files, Henry and Mudge, as well as a newcomer this year...a couple of Ricky Ricotta titles.

Spot number nine includes one of the Missy titles (Love Susan Nees!), a Ricky Ricotta title as well as a few Violet Mackerel titles, which are new to our collection.  It seems that they are a hit!

Spot number eight includes another Buddy Files, Ricky Ricotta, and a couple of Henry and Mudge titles as well as a Nancy Clancy title.

Number seven...Henry and Mudge

Number six...2 Henry and Mudge titles and a Mr. Putter and Tabby, as well as a Ricky Ricotta and a Buddy Files...see a pattern here?

Number five...another Henry and Mudge and a Dyamonde Daniel.  I was glad to see DD in the top ten this year.  I was really hoping that series would catch on.

Number four

Number surprises there, based on the top 10-4

Number two...sounds about right

And the number one spot is shared by two Mr. Putter and Tabby books and Dog Diaries.

Taking the time to look up the top titles in different sections really helps me to figure out what series I need to invest in.  I think the Buddy Files, Henry and Mudge and Mr. Putter and Tabby take the cake this year, but I can see some other series gaining popularity. It will be interesting to see what this upcoming school year's circulation will be.

What are some of the most popular easy/early chapter books in your media center or library?

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