Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Animal Research

Researching is a skill that even the very young can learn.  When I taught first grade, I had my firsties complete a short research project on animals at the end of our animal unit.  Animals are a great topic to cover with young kiddos because it's something they enjoy and you can find tons of information about animals.

Throughout our animal unit, we studied the different animal groups: mammals, amphibians, reptiles, fish, birds, insects, and invertebrates.

By the end of the unit, they had a several graphic organizers full of information as well as a unit summary book that they could use for their research.

For their final project, they had to present some information about an animal of their choice following  a rubric.  I provided them with plenty of print resources from my classroom library and school library and even gave them links to websites where they could find information.

You can get a copy of  the animal research packet I used for free!   Just click HERE or on the picture above.  Happy researching!


  1. Do you think this is appropriate for kindergardeners? Our kindergarden teacher gave this to my daughter as a project for final week of school. My child is barely learning how to read. I now see she just downloaded it from your blog...

    1. It depends on the class. Every class is different. I used it with first grade, but have had kindergarten classes in the past that it would be appropriate for. If you are concerned about the project, I would encourage you to speak to your child's teacher. You may find that the majority of the project is being done together in class.