Thursday, July 16, 2015

#toptentitles Wildcat Favorites

The Wildcat Favorites section in our media center is made up (mostly) of fiction series books that are the most popular with our patrons.  This can include picture books (E), easy chapter books (EC), upper fiction books (FIC), as well as middle grade fiction books (MG FIC), and graphic novels.  Because these are the most popular books, the number of circulations for these titles is higher overall.  To read more about the Wildcat Favorite section, click HERE.

Interestingly, this year Diary of  a Wimpy Kid did not take the top place, although it did appear in the top ten more than once.  It's nice to see that different series are becoming more popular...Bad Kitty, Lunch Lady, and Squish are among some of the favorites gaining ground.  Here are the top ten Wildcat Favorites from 2014-2015 in our media center.

Three Lunch Lady titles sharing the top ten spot with 3 other books

Another Lunch Lady and a Squish book along with a Dork Diaries title make the number nine spot.

Number eight includes another Lunch Lady and the first of many Bad Kitty titles and Diary of a Wimpy Kid titles along with 3 other favorites.

Number surprises there

Number six...the first DOAWK

Number five...a Bad Kitty title

Number four...a Bad Kitty title

Number three.,..they love Lunch Lady!

Number two...down several spots from last year...DOAWK titles

And the number one Wildcat Favorites of the year went to a Bad Kitty title and an I Spy title.

It seems that the books I have placed in the Wildcat Favorites have certainly earned their spots.  What are your patrons' favorite series books?

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