Tuesday, July 14, 2015

#toptentitles Upper Fiction

Today's top ten covers the upper fiction section. This section includes longer chapter books, usually third grade reading level and up.  Upper Fiction top ten titles overall had lower numbers of check outs, but I attribute this to the fact that it is a larger section and there are more students checking out in that section so there are more books to circulate per student.

Number ten was a tie between 4 books.  All four of these books were acquired later in the year, so I fully expect that they will have many more check out this upcoming school year.

Number nine was a tie between 5 books.  I was happy to see the Ellray Jakes series is making a strong showing as this is a new series in our media center.

Number eight was also a tie between 5 books.  Ellray Jakes made another appearance and a Kickers book also showed up. This is no surprise as soccer is very popular in the city where I live.  Kickers is a new series to our media center, but one that I can see growing in popularity because of it's subject matter.

Spot number seven is shared between 8 books.  No surprise that another Whatever After book is in the top ten.  Those are super hot sellers at the Book Fair.  And look, Ellray Jakes and Kickers showed up again.  One of the Sisters Club books and The Lemondade War books also made their first appearances.

Number six was a tie between 5 books, with another Timmy Failure book and Sisters Club book.

Number five was a tie between the first Sisters Club book and the third Lemonade War book.

The number four spot goes to Stick Dog.  I think the larger print and pictures may have something to do with the popularity of this one.

I was happy to see a Clements book take the number three. Although many teachers use Clements books in their classrooms, he is an author that doesn't get checked out much in our media center, even though we have about 20 copies of different titles of his books.

Again, no surprise at what title took the number two spot.  So glad I purchased the next titles in the Lemonade War series last year.

And the top upper fiction book checked out in my media center for the 2014-2015 school year was...

This one was a bit of a surprise for me, even though we have 2 copies of every one of the books in this series.  It just didn't seem to me that it was being checked out that much.  Guess I was wrong.

See any surprises in my top ten?  


  1. Loved this! Added quite a few titles to my library's wishlist. This is the area of the library that I feel needs the most work. And wow! Love that there is a great mixture of newer titles and classics.

    1. It makes me happy, too that students are still checking out older titles, especially since they are very much "cover kids." If the cover doesn't look interesting, it doesn't matter how much I book talk it; they won't check it out. Thanks for reading and commenting. =)

  2. I'm surprised Diary of a Wimpy Kid didn't make it on your list. It's the most popular with our students. Also Peg Kehret books. Thanks for posting these lists, it's always interesting to see what other kids are reading! I need to check into The Kickers series and also The Sister's series. Thanks!

    1. The DOAWK books are kept in a different section of the library, so they will be in a different post. Stay tuned! =)