Monday, February 18, 2019

February is Love to Read Month

We are celebrating reading this month as February is Love to Read Month.

Here are some fun way we've been celebrating reading.

We kicked off February with our Spring Book Fair.  

The Book Fair is always so much fun and our students love getting new books to read.

And for the next two weeks, our students participated and continue to participate in our Love to Read Month centers.

Here is what our centers look like:

Amazing ABC Order

Students use Styrofoam cups that have authors' names written on them to stack the cups in ABC order. They can then check their answers to see if they were correct.

I Spy

Students look for library words hidden in rice.  I use a small orange juice bottle to put the rice in.  I copy the words on to cardstock, laminate it and cut them out.  Then I place the words into the bottle with the rice.  Students have to shake the bottle in order to find the words.   When they find a word, they write it down. They try to find as many words as they can.

Book Words

Using magnetic letter tiles, students spell as many words as they can think of that have to do with books and reading.  They write their words down on a recording sheet.

Book Love

Students write about their favorite book.  These slips are then put onto our special bulletin board in the hallway for everyone to read.  Hopefully someone will find a new book to read based on what other students love.


Student create and color their own bookmarks to keep or give away.


Students work on completing puzzles with a book theme.

Name That Book

Students try to guess the book that has been shredded.  (Don't worry.  This was a book that had sever water damage and could no longer circulate.)

And to tie it all together, I created a special bulletin board of our most favorite reads based on circulation for the past year.  I just love how it turned out.

I have put all of these center signs, forms, and bulletin board display signs in a packet.  You can purchase this packet in my TpT store HERE or in my Teacher's Dojo store by clicking HERE.

Are you celebrating Love to Read Month?  I'd love to hear about it.  Drop me a line in the comments and let me know.

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