Friday, March 30, 2018

Owl Activity Freebie

Every year about this time, I introduce the BIG nonfiction section to the first graders.  First we read a nonfiction book about owls.  And then I surprise them with a very special "visitor"- Mr. Owl.

Mr. Owl was donated to our school many years ago-even before I was even a teacher (so a really long time ago LOL).  He has lived in the Media Center ever since. 

Students are always fascinated by Mr. Owl who sits in the back of the Media Center keeping watch over everyone.

So, I like to play on that excitement.  First we read a nonfiction book on Big Universe.  We have a subscription to this fabulous ebook site. But you can also find nonfiction books on Epic about owls. Then I bring out Mr. Owl.  I explain that Mr. Owl is not alive and how he came to be at our school.  He actually flew into the side of a barn and that is how he died.  Someone found him and had him stuffed and then donated him to our school.  We have special paperwork granting us permission to keep Mr. Owl because by law, you can't just kill and stuff an owl.  After I tell the story of how Mr. Owl came to live at our school, I point out the beak and the talons.  And then I let the students touch the feathers of Mr. Owl with the back of their hands to keep the oils from their hands from damaging Mr. Owl. They love it!

Then I let students know that they can find fact books about owls and other animals in the BIG nonfiction section.  I show them how our nonfiction section is organized with book stops to label the different types of books in that section.  I don't go into Dewey. They learn more about that in second grade.

To wrap up, students label the parts of the owl and find pictures of owls on their activity sheets while they are waiting their turn to go to the shelves.

You can get a copy of these activity sheets for FREE in my TpT store. Just click HERE to download. 

Hope you enjoy!

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