Thursday, July 17, 2014

Top 10 Everybody Books of the Year

We have quite a few picture books in our Everybody section.  Here are the top ten Everybody books based on checkouts last year.

#10 was a tie between
with 12 checkouts each.

#9 was a five-way tie between
Each had 13 checkouts apiece. 

#8 was also a tie between
Each had 15 checkouts.

Another tie for #7:
Each had 16 checkouts.

with 17 checkouts.

with 18 checkouts.

with 19 checkouts.

#3 was yet another tie between
with 20 checkouts each.

with 24 checkouts.

And the #1 checked out Everybody book at my school  for the third year in a row was

with 38 checkouts.

Next up the top ten Easy Chapter books.  Stay tuned!

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