Monday, July 14, 2014

2013-2014 Year in Review

So, it's just about the beginning of a new school year and I have yet to review the previous school year.  Yeah, that sounds about right.  Better late than never, though, so here goes.

Each year I make a flipsnack book showing all the highlights from the year.  It's a nice way to summarize the year...kind of an online library yearbook.  It takes a little bit of time to put together, but it's worth it. Here's this past year's:

My Plans for the Summer, which include things I did before leaving for the summer:
  • Reorganize the Media Storage room   DONE!
  • Make signs for the new sections in the Media Storage room DONE!
  • Reorganize the conference room off the Media Center to make it a parent resource room DONE!
  • Paint the Media Center bathroom (it's small, so it shouldn't take long) DONE!
  • Decorate the Media Center for next year in the Super Reader theme  DONE!
  • Decorate the Prize Cart with the new Super Reader theme DONE!
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  • Make new shelf markers for the new theme using super hero duct tape DONE!
  • Make new center signs/directions with new theme DONE!
  • Barcode older Cobblestone magazines DONE!
  • Finish next year's scope and sequence DONE!
  • Work on creating a Welcome Back movie with iMovie to show on my new TV that was finally installed at the end of the school year. DONE!  See it here.
  • Create some new items for my TpT store including a Fun Pirate theme, a Space theme and some freebies DONE!
  • Add Fan Freebies to my Facebook pages  DONE!
  • Continue to work on gaining new Facebook, Twitter, and TpT followers
  • Participate in more Twitter chats (#edtech, #tlchat)
  • Clean up posts on The Book Bug (correct grammar and spelling errors, broken links, etc.)
  • Add new freebies to Classroom Freebies DONE!
  • Create new orientation PowerPoints for the beginning of the year DONE!
  • Work on the new Media Center info pamphlet DONE!
  • Update the Media Center website DONE!
  • Download and listen to the Elementary Librarian podcasts I have not listened to yet DONE!
  • Finish reading the books I brought home to read over the summer
Goals for Upcoming School Year

  • Continue to use Skype more
  • Utilize Twitter more as a means to get out the word on what librarians REALLY do
  • Create lessons using Augmented Reality apps such as Aurasma (now HP Reveal)
  • I'd like to have a live morning newscast.  I looked into some ways to using iPads for this.  I'd like to test it out soon.
  • I'd like to start a book club once a week for 3rd-5th graders.
  • I'd also like to start a newspaper or literary magazine to highlight the great writers we have.  This might even could be an online thing.   
  • Acquire more iPads DONE!
  • Look into getting a Makerbot 3D printer (possibly via Donors Choose)
  • Raise money to send 500 books to the bindery DONE! Thanks PTO!
  • Relabel biographies as 92 rather than 921 so that section can include 920 as well as 921
  • Attend at least 4 conferences this year
  • Present at at least 2 conferences
  • Take part in more webinars
  • Blog at least once a week
So those are my plans.  We'll see how it goes.

Hope you're having a great summer!

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