Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Teaching the Fiction Sections in My Media Center

My Media Center has several smaller fiction sections within the fiction section.  Not every Media Center is going to have these sections, so here is an explanation of what you'll find in my Media Center...

I mark this section with a large and small print sticker on each spine so it's easy to know where to shelve these books.  It saved me from having to print and redo a bunch of call number stickers.

The first two years I was in the Media Center I called this section the Easy section, but decided to change it to the Everybody section to make it more friendly for the upper grades.

I may start calling this section the Everybody Chapter Book section, but for now it's still the Easy chapter book section.

You can read more about how and why I created this section here.

I mark books in this section with a paw print sticker to make them easy to shelve.  You can read more about the Wildcat favorite section here.

After reviewing theses sections of the Media Center, I had second grade complete this worksheet as an assessment of whether or not they understood the call numbers of the different fiction areas. You probably won't be able to use it unless you have the same sections in your Media Center, but maybe it will give you a lesson idea.

I also reviewed these sections with third, fourth, and fifth grades, as well as reviewed how to use Destiny to search for a book. Then I had them go on a scavenger hunt to find books on the shelf to see if they could read and use a Destiny search result.  I tried the scavenger hunt with one second grade class, but they weren't quite ready for it yet, so I had to back up a bit.

They really enjoyed the scavenger hunt and it made a lot of them realize how important it was to actually read the signs on the shelves to help them find books quickly and easily.  It also helped me see which students are still struggling with locating books on the shelf based on call numbers.  

Here are the scavenger hunt pages I used.  Again, you might not be able to use these unless you have these exact books in your library, but it may give you another lesson idea.

So those were my August lessons.  Maybe you can find something you can use.  =)


  1. I love your smaller sections. I am taking over a library that needs a major overhaul. Students were only allowed to checkout from 1 cart, so they are CLUELESS to where books are in the library. At some point our district will be genrefying the chapter books. I'm currently merging the nonfiction into one section. Do you have your jr. wildcat stuff on separate shevles/book carts?

    1. The Jr. Wildcats are on one isle by themselves and include both fiction and nonfiction, separated within that isle.