Friday, September 27, 2013

Where, Oh, Where is the Book Bug?

So much for trying to post regularly. This year is just flying by and I can't seem to find the time to get posts up like I want.  Sorry about that, but thanks for hanging in there with me.  I had planned to post some lesson ideas this week, but on Monday we had a gas leak at school, on Tuesday, there was a wild snake that came into the school, on Wednesday, just as the kids were dismissed, a pipe burst and flooded the hallway right in front of the Media Center...

All the teachers really showed teamwork, grabbing brooms and mops and moved the water as fast as possible to get it out the door and away from classroom doorways.

Our new principal who was our AP last year grabbed a machine and started drying up the water...all with a smile on her face.  She is a true leader and I am very thankful that she is in charge.

...yesterday the fire alarm went off unexpectantly (probably due to water from Wednesday's flood shorting out wires), and today we're under a code yellow because there was a "perceived threat" in the community. I am telling has been some week!  I have tons of posts started and hope to get them complete and scheduled out soon, as long as I survive till the end of the day.  LOL


  1. As my old principal used to say, "You can't make this stuff up!" We'll be waiting patiently! : )

  2. Will agree. It's so been a TGIF kind of day/week. We had an "incident" at our high school so I can totally agree with the crazy week.