Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Spring Book Swap

The Fall Book Swap was such a huge success that we're getting ready to have another Book Swap.  (You can read all about our Fall Book Swap here and here.)  It's a great way to get "new" books in the hands of your students, and it doesn't cost them a penny!

To get the word out, I sent home letters a couple weeks in advance.  Here's what the letter looks like:

I also made reminder announcements the week before and the week that books were to be brought in for the swap.

The set up of the swap is very easy.  I just decorated the tables with some left over Book Fair table cloths and then set out signs to designate the three different types of books that could be brought in; picture books, chapter books and non-fiction books.

I recorded the number and type of each book students brought in on this spreadsheet. This is probably the most time consuming part because you have to go through each book that every student brings in to make sure it meets the requirements and to it correctly. I did this without any help, but having a volunteer or two to help out would definitely be a plus.  One volunteer could go through the books and the other volunteer could write up the receipts.

And I gave each student a receipt so they would know how many books they turned in and what day their Book Swap day would be.

If you'd like to hold your own Book Swap, you can get a free copy of my Book Swap files here or click on the picture above.  I highly recommend doing a Book Swap. It's free and simple to do.

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