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Monday, December 10, 2012

Book Swap

You might remember from my Winding Down post at the end of last school year that one of the goals I had for this school year was to do a book swap.  I had thought I would plan for one at the end of the year, but instead I am about to hold the first Book Swap next week and I am so excited!

To pump up the kids about the Book Swap, I sent home reminder letters and made weekly announcements about two weeks prior to the Book Swap to give them plenty of time to gather up their books.  I also mentioned it during our weekly Media lessons.

I sent home a letter about the Book Swap based on a letter that a fellow Media Specialist made up to use at her school. You can get a copy of it and all the Book Swap files by clicking here or by clicking on the picture above.  Feel free to use it as is or as a reference for your own Book Swap letter.

Students will be bringing books this week for the swap and I will look through them to be sure they meet the requirements.  Then I will record the number and types of books that they bring in that qualify on a spreadsheet.  You can get a copy of it as well as all the Book Swap files by clicking here or by clicking on the picture above.

I also will give them a receipt so that they will know how many and what types of books they will be able to swap.  You can get a copy of the receipts I used by clicking here or by clicking on the picture above.

To set up, I covered all the tables in red and green table cloths and then put signs to label each table with what kind of books were at that table. This will make it easy for me to organize books when they are being turned in as well as already have the tables set up for the actual swap.

You can get a copy of the signs as well as the letter, spreadsheet and receipts by clicking here or on the picture above.

I even made a Pinterest craft for the occasion (based on this pin).  It didn't come out as well I had hoped, but it took so long to make that I wasn't going to attempt to try it again. It will do for this year anyway.

So I'm set and ready for the Book Swap.  I'll let you know how it goes.  =)


  1. Thank you for the wonderful advice and resources.

  2. Thank you for these materials! The letter does a wonderful job explaining it to parents.

  3. Thank you so so much for making all of these resources available. I am about to host a book swap at my school and this really helped!

    1. Glad you found them helpful. Good luck with your book swap! =)

  4. How did this go? I was thinking to start would it be easier to have kids bring the books with them instead ahead of time?

    1. Getting the books the week before was important since I do not have any extra help in the media center. I gave me time to have the books organized by the 3 groups and ready to be chosen. If I waited to get books as they came in, they would only have what is turned in at that time to chose from. That is just what worked for me. =)