Friday, April 19, 2013

We Give Books

Our free books from We Give Books arrived yesterday.  It was so exciting!

I had already decorated the tables to get ready for the book swap next week, so it was perfect timing!  Look at the stack of books we received!

We received 11 titles of hard back picture books appropriate for kindergarten and first grade readers, and maybe early second grade readers.

We also received 3 titles of board books great for PreK readers.

All the books we received last year were from the Penguin group and they were  were a mix of paperback chapter books as well as paperback picture books, but this year the books we received were from LeapFrog and were ALL hardback books, which is great because they will stand up to wear and tear.  

The titles we received were more for the younger kids and they don't participate in our Accelerated Reader parties, so I invited the Kindergarten and first grade classes to  the Media Center so each student could pick out a book as a way to celebrate their reading successes this year.   I sent the board books down to PreK.   I don't know for sure if the books that are given are based on the types of books read online for your school during the Read for Your School event, but it might be.  And to be honest, I probably promoted the Read for Your School event more with these grade levels this year, which may be the reason for the kinds of books we received.  But whatever the reason for the kinds of books we were sent, all the kids were super excited to receive their books.  I heard lots of thank yous and a few "This is so awesome!"  And it really was awesome to see them get so excited about a book and about reading. Several students said they were picking a book to give to their little brother or sister and that they would read it to them when they got home.  

So thanks We Give Books and LeapFrog. You made the day of some really fantastic kids!  =)

Update; As of January 1, 2016, the We Give Books is no longer active.  =(

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