Sunday, January 15, 2012

Media Center Stations for the 100th Day

I recently came across a blog/website that tells of making centers in the Media Center. (Here is a link to a wiki about Library Centers: I think this is a great, albeit, ambitious idea.  So I thought I would ease into the idea.

The 100th day of School is quickly approaching.  I thought this would be an easy introduction to Media Center stations with a 100th Day activity at each station.  There are tons of 100th Day ideas floating around.  I thought surely I could come up with 4 or 5 stations that I could do with Kindergarten and First Grade classes. Well, as it turns out, I came up with 10 and I've created a whole packet to go with these activities...46 pages in all!!!  You can find them on Teachers pay Teachers, if you're interested.  Click on the picture below to go there now.

I took a few pictures of what the activities look like when set up.  I am actually going to be doing these activities with K and 1 classes on the 101st day of school because I don't teach classes on that day.  So the pictures show the activities with 101 instead of 100. The actual packet is for the 100th day, though.

Station 1:  100 Ladybug Dots

Students decorate a dot and glue it to the ladybug until the ladybug has 100 dots.  I used bulletin board paper to create the ladybug.

Station 4:  ABC/Numerical Order

Students use the word or number cards and put them in alphabetical order or numerical order. There are 100 of each type of card.

Station 6:  100 Names

Students sign their name on a 100th Day poster that says "We are 100 days smarter!"

I made direction "tents" to go with each station.  Here's how to get the "tents" to stand up.

Cut out the station "tent" signs leaving the top and bottom edges.

 Fold those edges down.

It will look like this.

Then tape a large notecard on the inside edges to make the bottom of the "tent."

This is what the final result looks like.  The "tent" will stay up better if it is made this way.

In addition to these activities, I thought it would be fun to keep track of all the books the students check out this week, so I am going to have them write down the name of the books they check out on a paper book when they come for their lessons.  These "books" will be put on the MC doors throughout the week until we reach 101, since I am doing 101st Day activities.  Here are pictures of the door:

You can snag a copy of the book slip here.  Just click on the picture.

I am going to do these activities on Friday.  After all the creating and planning, I really hope things go well.  I will let you know how it goes.

Just curious...are you planning anything special for the 100th day or 101st day of school? Do you do Library Centers?  I'd love to hear your ideas.


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    1. Thanks! I'll have to get a post ready for this year's 100th Day. I did things a little bit different this year. Still wore out though!