Saturday, January 21, 2012

It's almost Book Fair time...again!?

Where does the time go?  I can't believe it is almost time for the Spring Book Fair.  It seems like the Fall Book Fair just happened, but my calendar shows that the Spring Book Fair is only weeks away.  To gear up for it, I am evaluating what I did in the Fall., what worked, what didn't.  Here are some of the highlights from the Fall Book Fair.

The Book Fair arrived on a Thursday and I began the initial set up.  This really helped so that it was easier to know where I could tell parent volunteers to help set up.

Then I began decorating the doors on the outside of the Media Center to add excitement.  The theme was "Reading is Out of This World."  The doors looked like doors to a space shuttle.  I used tin pans I found at the Dollar Tree.

Here are the doors from the inside.  Teachers also helped by donating "spacey" items like the planet mobile you see here in the picture.

Tables were covered with Dollar Tree table clothes and then stacked in a pyramid style with books and other items.

 Book shelves were easy to set up. They just needed to be opened and then the posters at the top attached by sliding them up into slots on the back.  Easy, peasy!

The cashier table had all the "junky" stuff on it as well.   Although it is the best seller, I think I will put less junk out during this next Book Fair.

 The Art Club made pictures to help decorate the tables at the Book Fair.

 The hallway outside the Media Center made the perfect gateway to the Book Fair.  It was dressed up with stars and space ships made from gluing plastic bowls together.

The windows in the hallway were covered up so that the hallway could be dark for a special Reading Under the Stars night.  The Art Club drew the alien pictures.

Teachers volunteered to read at Reading Under the Stars night.  They read from books that were at the Book Fair as well as some of their favorite stories.  The lights were turned off and floor lamps were used for lighting. 

And Mrs. Letra from the planet Alpha-Bet showed up!

It was a fun time and I am looking forward to the Spring Book Fair next month.  The theme is "Book Fair Luau:  It's a Reading Celebration".  I foresee some palm trees and grass skirts in my future!

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