Tuesday, August 23, 2016

A Video Tour of Our Media Center

Even though my last post had pictures of my new ninja decor, it doesn't give you a real sense of what our media center looks like altogether, so I put together this little video tour.  Hope you enjoy!  =)

Here are links to the blog posts and products I mention throughout the video.

Freebies Page

Library Centers (proudct  on TpT)
Get Wild About Reading Library Centers Freebie
Super Reader Library Centers Freebie

Ninja Themed Library/Media Center Pack
Ninja Themed Book Return Reward Bulletin Board Set

Non-fiction Shelf Helpers and Demco Bookstops

Prize Cart

Honor Books and Wildcat Favorites

Inspirational Posters (seen in video)

Book Tweet Door

If you saw something you liked, you can more than likely find it in the Ninja Themed items my TpT store.

And good news!  I am extending my sale through today.  So yay!

Happy Reading, my Reading Ninja friends!

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