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Monday, December 3, 2012

Historical Fiction Freebie

This month's Genre of the Month is Historical Fiction so during this week's Media Lesson we are reviewing what makes a book Historical Fiction.  To help students practice identifying Historical Fiction books, I created a little activity to do after the review.  Students read a description of a book and then decide if the book is a Historical Fiction book.

You can get a FREE copy of the lesson which includes 2 PowerPoints (one for 2nd-3rd grade and one for 4th-5th grade), a free author poster, and 2 worksheets by clicking here or on the picture above. Enjoy!


  1. Thanks so much for sharing!! It's great to see how a pro does lessons!!!

    1. LOL I don't know about being a pro, but I'm glad you like what I share. =)

  2. Am not able to access your historical fiction plans nor other items for some reason. Can you email the ones you have as free to me? rlowry at


    Rhonda Lowry
    Houston Elementary Librarian
    Mineral Wells, TX

    1. The file is really too big to email, but I went back to check the link. I had the link set up to only be viewed if your name was added, but the link is fixed now. You should be able to access it by clicking on the picture in the post or by going to this link: Historical Fiction zip file Please let me know if it doesn't work.