Friday, December 21, 2012

A Very Crafty Christmas, Volume 2

So I got crafty again this Christmas and made my parent volunteers and the staff at my school some fun Pinterest inspired gifts.  Here's what I made...

For my parent volunteers, I found this neat little idea on Pinterest from Bubble Bee's Craft DenHere are the directions to make it.  Super easy to make and not too expensive.

I made Santa-tizer for the administration and some of my son's teachers from this pin...just decorate a bottle of hand sanitizer. Here's how I did it...

Measure and cut paper to fit around the bottle.  Print out the word "Santa-tizer" on several lines in a document that is in landscape orientation.  Print out and cut.

I used these items to add the finshing touches.

Here's the finished paper ready to wrap around the sanitizer.

You could wrap it in a cellophane bag to give it a little something extra, but other than that, it's ready to go.  Very easy and again, inexpensive.

Next I turned


It's just duct tape on the outside.  Fill with shredded red and white paper and your favorite treat, add a tag and you've got a fun gift.  These were a big hit at my school. I was inspired by this pin.

So did you get crafty with your parent volunteer and staff gifts this year?


  1. I love your gift ideas! I will remember these for next year!

    1. Thanks! They really were easy to make and fun, too! =)

    2. I already pulled out my leftover Solo cups! Thank you.