Saturday, January 12, 2019

Genre Activities

Are you looking for some activities to teach genres?  Got you covered.  Check out these awesome activities:

Introduce genres with these activity packs:

You can try out this free Historical Fiction pack to get an idea of the types of activities included in the genre packs.  Click HERE to access this freebie.

Or try this Realistic Fiction Activity Pack freebie. This is a free download from my Google Drive.  

In order to save the file, you will need to download it to your computer by clicking on the arrow next to the three dots in the top left-hand corner.

After teaching the mystery genre, have students match up genre vocabulary words and definitions as a quick check for understanding.

There is also a 4th-6th grade version.

Each lesson comes with an introduction to genres as well as an activity.

Use this Genre Sort Activity Pack to review genres after you've taught them.  Includes book descriptions that student read and then decide what genre the book would fit in. Students check their answers with QR codes.

And if you need some posters to display as anchor charts or bookmarks to handout to reinforce your lessons- got you covered there, too.

Includes posters for 28 different genres including...


This product includes bookmarks for 28 different genres including...


OR purchase the Genre Mega Pack and get the posters and bookmarks at a discounted price!

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