Saturday, April 30, 2016

#SLM16 Ends with a BANG!

April was National School Library Month and this year, it was particularly eventful in our county.  We had not, one, but TWO media specialists named Teachers of the Year for their schools: Shannon Ewing, Elm Street Elementary and Jessica Pope, Atkinson Elementary.

Shannon and Jessica are not only colleagues, but they are also friends.  I know first hand how much time and effort they put into everything they do for their schools and their patrons; from planning fun reading events like Reading Caves, the Polar Express, and September Stories to encourage a love of reading, teaching fabulous technology integrated media lessons and information literacy skills so their students can find the information they need and want when they need and want it, attending workshops, conferences, and other professional development activities to continue their own learning and pass it on to others  as well as keeping up with the everyday tasks of running a media center, they do it all and do it with heart because they truly love what they do. It is their passion.   I was so proud of them when it was announced they had won this recognition for their schools.  It felt like we had all won.

On Wednesday, the county celebrated all the Teachers of the Year for our county and the three finalists for Coweta County Teacher of the Year were especially celebrated.  Shannon was one of those finalists, and again, it felt as if we were all up there with her.  

Several of us attended the program to show our support. And we all cried and cheered when it was announced that Shannon was named Coweta County Teacher of Year.  I think I may have punched the air and silently shouted "YES!"  It was an amazing feeling to have one of my peeps recognized in such a big way, in a way that media specialists don't always receive.  You can read more about Shannon and the other TOTYs for our county HERE.

I cannot overstate how proud I am of these two ladies. They represent our county and our profession well. They exemplify excellence in education and in librarianism.

Congratulations, peeps!  We love you and are so proud of the work you do!


  1. That is so exciting! What great representation for media specialists everywhere!

  2. Thank you, Jo! It was a very special moment seeing Shannon receive that award. Media specialists are teachers too!