Tuesday, April 12, 2016

April is School Library Month

In case you hadn't heard...April is School Library Month, and this week in particular is  National Library Week.  I always make special morning announcements every day at my school about school libraries during National Library week, but this year I decided to take advantage of this week to promote school libraries even more.

Maybe it was because I had energy from being off for a week of Spring Break, or maybe I just love my job, but when I came back on Monday, I decided to decorate the doors of our media center.  A lot of students and teachers have commented on how colorful and cheerful it is.  It just makes me smile walking by it.

I made fact sheets about school libraries based on some information I found online.  These are also the facts I share during morning announcements.  Some of the sources I used are listed below.

Pew Research Center, 10 Facts About American and Public Libraries (2014)

More Interesting Reads:

Why Do We Need School Libraries? Written by Melinda Graham, 2005

Occupational Outlook Handbook, Librarians (2012)

Why You Need Your School Librarian Written by Kimberly Shearer (2012)

Elementary Librarian: Are School Libraries Still Necessary (2013)

How Cuts and Closures of Elementary School Libraries Are Hurting Our Kids by Solvej Schou (2014)

I downloaded the free School Libraries Transform Learning poster from AASL and printed them on our poster printer at school.  You can snag yours at the bottom of the first link above.  Joyce made it easy to access.  =)

I also made a sheet for patrons to write about what they love about our school library media center.  I added these to the door display.

What the students have been writing is so sweet and heartwarming.

A couple of classes showed me even more love with flowers and cards.

I've put together a pack of the fact sheets I created as well as the "I love my school library media center because" sheet.  You can download it for FREE on TpT.  Just click HERE.  I'd love to hear what you think.

Happy National Library Week!


  1. I love it! What a great way to celebrate school libraries! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Wonderful idea! Everything you create encourages me to do more in my Library.