Tuesday, September 30, 2014

What a Month!

September has been a whirlwind of a month and ended the same way.

I started the month by presenting at the 2014 Instructional Technology Conference presented by our local area RESA.  Another local media specialist and I presented about our new favorite app, HP Reveal, formerly Aurasma.

I organized everything into a LiveBinder for the presentation to make it easy for everyone to follow. Of course the LiveBinder would only work if the wifi did and as most technology conferences go, the wifi had its issues.  But all in all, I think it went well.  If you would like to view the LiveBinder, you can find it HERE.

While at the Conference, I picked up a lot of great information about some new web 2.0 tools and apps that would be great to use in the classroom or school library media center.  I made a couple of Symbaloos to keep up with all the tools shared.  Click HERE to view the web 2.0 tools Symbaloo. Click HERE to view the app Symbaloo.

I had a great time at the conference. It was fun to get away for a little bit.  I am looking forward to next year, although I hope it doesn't fall around the same time as our book fair like it did this year.  It was a bit stressful getting ready for both at the same time.

After the conference came the Book Fair, Grandparents' Week, Picture Day, and a visit from the State School Superintendent all in one week...no wonder I am wiped out.

The fall book fair theme this year, as set by Scholastic, was a "renaissance" theme.  The decorating kit made it easy.  I highly recommend spending the $50 for it...well worth the price.  The kids loved the theme, too.

This year, I decided to try doing the book fair during Grandparents' Week.  While we had a great fair because of it, the week we picked was a little chaotic.

Right in the middle of the week was fall picture day and we ended the week with a visit from our state school superintendent who came to present our school with a special award that only 4 other schools in the state received.

It was a great honor and the welcome mat looks great in front of the school.

It was a day that even the little ones will remember, if only because Dr. Barge arrived and left in a helicopter.  LOL

Although September was a fun and busy month , I really hope that October won't be quite as exciting, even though I know it will be busy as I have a ton of new books to process from the book fair.  But  I am ready for a little bit of calm.  Of course, it is the month of spooks so, yeah, that probably won't be the case.

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  1. Wow! Exciting month! I hope you had a successful book fair!