Friday, March 28, 2014

Celebrating Reading in March


We've been celebrating reading all month long with special days and special author visits.

For Read Across America, a couple classes were able to connect with other classes in our county to share a book.  The kids got a kick out of seeing each other on the screen.

For World Read Aloud Day, several classes were able to connect to some fun authors through Skype.

A kindergarten and second grade class connected with Melissa Guion.  She was so much fun!  

She read her books Baby Penguins Love Their Mama! and Baby Penguins Everywhere!  The students loved her illustrations and the way she read her stories.

She sent us a special penguin picture that she drew just for Moreland.  She even incorporated pizza and tacos in the picture because the students mentioned it during their Skype visit.  It was close to lunch time, so they had food on the brain.  But how cool is it that she remembered that and made it part of the picture?

A fourth grade and fifth grade class was able to Skype with author Geoff Rodkey, author of the Chronicles of Egg series.

He spent a bit of time talking about his books, as many students weren't familiar with them. (We don't currently have any of his books in our library...going to remedy that soon!)  He showed the different covers of the same book for different countries. That was really interesting.  Then he gave the kids a chance to ask him some questions.  He was really entertaining, and I think a couple of students went out and bought his books that afternoon.

We also had a special visit today from children's book author Kay Heath.  She visited with Kindergarten and second grade classes. They had a blast.  After her visit she stayed and autographed copies of her books for any student who purchased one.

It has been such a fun month of celebrating reading.  Did you do anything special this month to celebrate reading?


  1. I'm so glad the picture got there! It was great to connect with your students.

    1. They were so excited when they received your picture. You should have seen their faces...priceless! Thanks again for connecting with us. We would love to do it again sometime. Maybe the sound issue won't be an issue in the future. =)