Monday, January 7, 2013

Biography Letters Freebie

I've been doing a little more organization in the nonfiction section...weeding, tidying up, etc.  Maybe I've been preoccupied with non-fiction because it's the Genre of the Month.  Whatever the case, I am feeling like it's really starting to look better.

Last week I worked on the biography section.  I've seen some alphabet dividers on Demco, or maybe it was another library supply site, but I thought I would try to save money and make my own.

I used PowerPoint to create my letters.  Then I printed them off, laminated them, cut them out and adhered them to some free paint sticks.

If they work out well, I might make some for the 500s to divide up some of the animals and maybe also for the 600s.

If you'd like a copy of them, just click here or on the picture above.  When you download them, the orange background doesn't show up when you view the document in Google Docs, but once you download and save it to your computer and open it, you will see the background.  Not sure why it's not showing up in Google Docs, but it is there.  Maybe I'm just magic.  LOL



  1. Thank you for another awesome idea! With our budget, we have to be creative. You are such a great resource for ideas.

    1. So glad you liked the idea! We definitely have to find ways to save money so that we can spend what we have on books. Stay tuned for more! =)