Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Rockin' Out with AR

So the end of the first nine weeks was several weeks ago and we celebrated with a dance party since the Media Center theme this year is "Read Like a Rock Star."  Students in second through fifth grade who met all three of their AR goals for the first nine weeks were invited to the dance party.

I was able to set up in the Art room because our Art teacher leaves at 11:15.  All the tables were pushed off to the side and I turned off the lights, except for a few hanging lights.  I plugged in a couple of spinning multicolored disco balls I picked up at Big Lots and with the help of a PowerPoint I created, the mood was set.

The kids had a rockin' good time dancing to their favorite songs...or kid-friendly versions of those songs. Please excuse the blurry pictures.  They were dancing so fast, these were the best I could get with my camera.

 As you can see, the kids were partying it up!

Even the fifth graders had a blast...and if you know fifth graders, you know that is saying something!

Probably their favorite part of the Dance Party was posing behind the Rock Star photo poster.

How do you celebrate the reading successes of your students?  Do you hold reading incentive parties?

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