Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The National Library Bindery

I learned about the National Library Bindery Company of Georgia last year and I am so glad I did.  I have been able to add a ton more books to our Media Center at less than the half the average cost of a library bound book.

For $7.25 per book, the National Library Bindery Co of Ga Inc will turn your paperback books into hardback, library bound books.  Awesome deal, especially if you use Scholasitc Dollars to get books from the Book Fair.  I have been able to add about 200 books to our Media Center this year by using the National Library Bindery.

And you can go ahead and put spine labels and barcode labels on your books before you send them to the Bindery so that they will be permanently laminated to the books.  The Bindery takes off the cover, adheres the cover to a cardboard cover, laminates the cover, and then library binds the cover back to the book.  Love the final product!

It takes about a month to get the books back, but it is worth the wait. The kids are always super excited when we get a shipment of Bindery books in. One student even asked me how I was getting so many new books.  It's nice to know that someone, other than myself, notices how many new books we have gotten this year.

Curious about what they look like?  Here are a few pictures of the books I've sent to the National Library Bindery this year.

Unfortunately, the National Library Bindery Co of Ga Inc does not have a website, but you can find their mailing address and phone number here.

Do you use the National Library Bindery Company or something similar for your paperbacks?

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