Wednesday, November 30, 2011

What's in a Day?

My post yesterday got me thinking about what it is I really do all day.  Why am I so busy and tired by the end of the day?  So I thought I do a kind of day in the life of thing.  The following is a recount of my day today:

Wake up, get showered and dressed, get the kids ready to go

Warm the van up

Leave for work

Arrive at work

Turn on all computers and log on to the system

Check and answer email while also covering the circulation desk for morning check out and shelf books left from yesterday

Great parent volunteer, continue to cover circulation desk

Brief parent volunteer on the day's activities while continue to shelve books from yesterday (there were a lot of books that didn't get shelved yesterday, apparently), set up the computer and chairs for first lesson of the day

Teach Dewey Decimal lesson to 5th grade class

Read a holiday ebook to a Kindergarten class and then help them check out books

Planning time which includes working on a newsletter for December, answering some emails, designing a poster for the Genre of the Month for December, working on making "secret symbols" to hide in books for the Genre of the Month

Teach a shortened Dewey Decimal lesson to a 5th grade class

Read a holiday ebook to a first grade class and then help them check out books

Bathroom break, check and answer emails, scarf down a quick lunch, work on list of things to do that has grown larger rather than smaller

Man the circulation desk, shelve books that have come in throughout the day, laminate a random item that comes in from a teacher, pull a set of books for a teacher, set up lesson for the next class

Read a holiday ebook to a first grade class and then help them check out books

Teach a Dewey Decimal lesson to a 5th grade class

Man the circulation desk, shelve books that have come in throughout the day, answer a few more emails

Straighten circulation desk and around the Media Center, thank parent volunteer for her time today

Car duty

It's the end of the month, so....
Look up the Reader of the Month for Accelerated Reader in 1st-2nd and 3rd-5th grade
Prepare a display for December's Genre of the Month
Pull books for to hide "secret symbols" in books that are in the Genre of the Month
Make the "secret symbols" to hide in those books and then put the symbols inside the books
Make a resource list on Destiny for books that have secret symbols to be able to refer to through out the month
Shelve the books that have "secret symbols"
Answer a phone call from another Media Specialist about Accelerated Reader and Reader of the Month
Answer a few emails
Finish up the December Media Newsletter and make copies of it
Staple and sort the newsletter for each homeroom
Update the Media Center website with the Reader of the Month, Genre of the Month and new Birthday Book Club members
Type up Media Center announcements for tomorrow morning
Set up as much as possible for lessons tomorrow
Work on this blog post
Log off all computers

Drive to pick up son from Sunday School

Wait in car for son to finish Sunday School

Drive home

Eat dinner, spend a little time with my boys before putting them to bed and collapsing in front of the television to veg out for a while

Whew!  Yes, no wonder I am exhausted at the end of each day.  And I get to get up and do it all over again tomorrow.  But I love my job and wouldn't have it any other way!

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