Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Happy National School Librarian Day!

Hip hip hurray!  It's a special day!

April 4th is National School Librarian Day, a day to celebrate and honor school librarians- or media specialists, or teacher librarians.  Whatever your preferred title-it's your day!

Why not celebrate it with other school librarians?   Share this day by growing your PLN on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  Below is a list of of ways to connect with other school librarians on this special day.

@cybraryman1  (Jerry Blumengarten)
@cathyjo  (Cathy Jo Nelson)
@THLibrariZen (Lynn Kleinmeyer)
@librarianprblms (for a good chuckle)

If you want to find even more school librarians to follow on Twitter, try searching using these hashtags:

#LibrarianProblems   (for more good chuckles)

Cybraryman has created a list of educational hashtags that you might find helpful. You can find that list HERE.

Another great way to connect to school librarians is through Twitter chats.  There are tons of twitter chats going on nightly/weekly/monthly. They usually last about an hour and go by surprisingly fast.  Pick one that tickles your fancy and check it out.  If you like what you see, jump in the conversation.   If the pace of a twitter chat seems too fast, don't despair.  Some Twitter chats are archived so you can always go back to look at something you might have missed.  If you're not sure what a Twitter chat is or how to take part in one, you can check out THIS helpful info compiled by Cybraryman

Cybraryman has also created a neat little page that lists the current day's Twitter chat and what time they take place. You can find it HERE.  Another great resource to check out is the TL Virtual Cafe.

Mrs Lemmo

Another great way to connect with other school librarians is through blogs.  Here are some of my favorite bloggers:


And of course, you can always follow me on Bloglovin', my Facebook pageTwitterInstagram, and Pinterest.

And as a special reward for making it all the way to the end of this post and to celebrate this special day, I am having a sale!  20% off all my paid products on TpT- no code needed!  Just click HERE to access my store.

So go celebrate!  It's your day!  Happy National School Librarian Day!

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