Sunday, February 25, 2018

Awesome Tech Deal

A few days ago, my friend and tech guru Leslie Fisher posted an amazing deal on a cool new tech toy called Merge Cube.  I actually had seen the Merge Cube in December and thought about buying one because they were on sale at Wal-mart for $4, but I left the store without buying one and had since forgotten about it.

I am so glad I didn't purchase any at the time because I picked up a bunch over the weekend at my local Walmart for only $1 each!  Yes, $1!  I filled up my cart and quickly messaged all my local media specialists friends that there were still a bunch left if they wanted to snag some themselves.  I couldn't wait to get home and try one out.

You may be wondering what these Merge Cubes do and why I would want to purchase so many.  These little foam cubes are actually an augmented reality trigger image that work with free and paid apps from Merge Labs, Inc.   You use your smartphone or tablet and download the apps to use with the cube.  Merge Cube apps are available on the App Store or Google Play.

The cube then becomes a hologram in your hand.  

My eight year old and I had so much fun playing around with the cube this weekend.

I envision using these in our MakerSpace.

And the wonderful Leslie Fisher also pointed out that Merge Cube is an open SDK, which means that others can develop apps for the Merge Cube, not just Merge Labs so even students could develop apps.  How cool would that be?

Here is a video I made demonstrating some of the free apps that work with Merge Cube.  

We had so much fun with Merge Cube that I knew I had to get a bunch for the students at my school, so I went back for a second buggy full.  I plan to raffle them off at the end of the year to students who have all of their materials turned in.

You can find out even more about Merge Cube from Michael Fricano II of the Janus Group on THIS blog post. He goes more into what apps are available and how to set up an account, although an account is not necessary to use the Merge Cubes.

And THIS EdSurge post gives you an idea of what apps would be best to use in the classroom.

Also checkout the MERGE Educators Facebook group.  MERGE often posts app updates as well as sneak peeks on new apps there and members are encourage to post and share how they are using Merge Cubes.  Click HERE to request to join the group.

So what are you waiting for?  Go to your nearest Walmart and see if you can grab a great deal on these little guys!  Your students are gonna love them!

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