Saturday, January 14, 2017

New MakerSpace in Our Media Center

If you follow me on Instagram, you may remember that I was awarded a Bright Ideas Grant back in October.

Before we left for the break, the items I ordered with the grant began trickling in.  It was so exciting!

Many of the items were new to me, although I had seen them on other blogs and at conferences, but I had not used them myself.  So I was super excited to play with them over the break as the last of the items I ordered with the grant came in right before we left for the break.  My seven year old was more than happy to be the guinea pig to try out all of the new gadgets.

To get the students excited about what we will be doing in the Media Center this semester, I set up a display of all the new MakerSpace items that have come in.  The students oohed and ahhed as they came in to check out books.  They wanted to know how they could "win those cool prizes."  =D  They were a little sad that I wasn't giving them away, but were happy to know that they would get to use them in the media center.

So what all do we now have in our MakerSpace?

  • 2 Spheros
  • 1 Sphero Sprk
  • 1 Ollie

  • 3 Ozobots
  • 2 littleBits Synth Kits
  • 2 littleBits Base Kits


  • 1 Classroom Kit of Osmos which includes
  •    4 stands
  •    4 Tangrams tiles
  •    4 Numbers tiles
  •    4 Words tiles
  •    Container to store the classroom set

I love how small the storage boxes are for the tangrams, words, and numbers tiles.

  • 5 Osmo coding sets (1 I purchased on my own)

I purchased the following with Scholastic Dollars through the Scholastic Catalog:

  • 3 MakeyMakey kits
  • 2 MakeyMakey travel kits
  • 1 Dino robot
  • 1 Robot
  • 3 Google Cardboard (I got these free from Virizon last year when they were promoting the new Star Wars movie)

I purchased the following on my own with either Book Fair money or TpT earnings:

  • 1 single Osmo set which includes
  •     1 Tangram tile
  •     1 Numbers tile
  •     1 Words tile
  •     1 Osmo stand
  • 1 Osmo Monster set which includes a stand 
  • 1 Osmo Pizza 
  • 1 Code & Go Robot Mouse
  • 1 SnapCircuit Kit
  • 1 Little Engineer Kit (similar to Osmo Coding)

I found these guys at 5 Below for only $5!

  • 4 VR headsets

I spent the last few days of my break trying to plan new lessons around all the new MakerSpace items we have.  I am so excited about this new venture!

Do you have a MakerSpace in our library media center?  What items should I try to add to our MakerSpace?


  1. Could you share how you plan to use the VR?

    Also, what devices will you use with Google cardboard? I would love to get some cardboard, but we don't have phones or iPods.

    Eager to hear!

    1. I am hoping to do some virtual field trips with them in the future. There are also sites where you can create your own VR to use in headsets. Currently I don't have any smartphones for the VR headsets, but our county is BYOT, so students could bring their own. Also, we get technology donated every year and can apply to "win" those devices for our schools. I hope to "win" some donated phones next year. You could say I was planning for the future when I bought the new VR headsets. =)