Monday, October 20, 2014

Junior Library Guild

I am always looking for library book companies with great prices because with budgets being the way they are, I want the little money I do have to spend on new books to go as far as possible.  Last spring I decided to give Junior Library Guild a try, and I have been very pleased.  I used part of my book fair earnings to get two levels of books, HE (Humor Elementary) and I+ (Independent Readers+).  I get 2 new books every month for a year and many of the titles are brand new, just published books.  And best of all, because I am now a member, I have access to JLG's backlist catalog which includes hundreds of books discounted to as low as $5 per book!

I used part of fall book fair profits to purchase 25 new books...all for $5 each.  

They are not library bound, but are good, quality, hard bound books.  I make sure to reinforce the spines inside each book before I put them out on the shelf to circulate.

So far all of the JLG books have held up well and the kids are excited about the new books we get in each month.

JLG also offers many of the award winning books each the Georgia Children's Book Award and the Caldecott Medal, so it's a great resource.  They also offer processing and cataloging services so these great titles get on the shelf just a little bit quicker.

If you're looking for a place to purchase some new books, check out Junior Library Guild.

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  1. Totally love JLG. And I do love them for the backlist catalog. Their books are great quality and they always seem to pick the future award winners!