Thursday, November 7, 2013

Book Fair Time!

The Book Fair arrived last week and I spent most of the day and evening last Thursday (yes, on Halloween) setting up so that we could have preview day on Friday.  Here's what the students saw when they came through...

These are the doors on the outside of the Media Center.

These are the doors on the inside of the Media Center.

Here are some close ups of those door signs:

The students love the Hump Day camel.  =)

Since our Book Tweet board is so popular, I decided to make a Book Fair Tweet board.  The kids quickly filled it up with all the things they love about the Book Fair.

This is the  "Doodad" board I make to display the little junky items.  I number everything and keep it behind the cashier table so it doesn't disappear.  Customers tell the cashier what the item number is when they get ready to purchase.  It takes a while to put together, but it is very worth the time.  I got the idea from Mrs. Readerpants.  You can read more of her Book Fair tips here.

Here's the cashier table.

This is the Teacher Wish List board.

This are doors inside of the Media Center leading to outside.

And this is a door leading to a conference room.  I always like to decorate it because it is behind the cashier table and can be seen.

I purchased the Book Fair decorating kit with Scholastic Dollars through the resource catalog.  Some of the decorations can be seen in the pictures above, but most the posters of the Egyptians and mummies I made myself.

I also made these signs to put on the front of each bookcase.  It really helped parents as well as students locate books that were age appropriate.  So many times first and second graders want to head to the 4th-6th grade books that aren't ideal for their age or reading level.  These signs helped curb some of that.

There is still one more day to go and tonight is our special family night event. We are doing a STEM night to highlight our Robotics team and some of our teachers are also going to have some Science experiments that families can do.  I am so tired, but so very grateful to all the families who have participated and volunteered to help make our fall Book Fair a success.

Are you having or have you had your fall Boo Fair yet? Any tips or tricks to share?


  1. I am intrigued by your Book Tweet board. How else do you use it (or manage it).


    1. The left side door exiting the library s a "Twitter" board for students to tweet about the books they are reading. Students can write on laminated sentence strips and then they will be able to attach their "tweet" to the door with velcro. I got the idea from this Pinterest pin. You can see a picture of it in this post. =)