Saturday, May 18, 2013

Year in Review

It's that time again.. It's time to reflect back on the year to review all the good, the bad, and the ugly and to make plans for next year.

Check out all the fun we had this year in the Media Center.  Just click on the picture or link below.

Now that the year is almost over, I am making my plans for the summer and for next year.  Here's what I plan, or hope to get accomplished...

UPDATE:  I went through and crossed off items I accomplished.  Wow!  I did a lot more than I thought.  =)

What I Plan to Do Over the Summer:
- Create a MG fiction section for books like Diary of Wimpy Kid, Hunger Games, Are You There, God? It's Me Margaret DONE!
-Work on a new scope and sequence that covers all the information literacy skills for K-5 DONE!
-Work on new decor for next year (jungle/safari theme) DONE!
-Decorate the MC in the new theme DONE!
-Come up with new punch cards or a reading log with the new theme DONE!
-redo some items on TpT including the "Read Like a Rock Star" packet to include a generic calendar DONE!
-Add a story element packet for Charlotte's Web on TpT
-add a dewey matching card game packet on TpT
-barcode reference books that are not in the system DONE!
-delete AR tests of K and 1st graders since this is just a practice year for them DONE!
-paint new shelf markers with new theme DONE!
-add new shelf dividers for the Everyone chapter book section and non-fiction section DONE!
-create orientation PowerPoints for next school year DONE!

What I'd Like to Do:
-Go through the Wildcat Favorites section and pull out series that aren't that popular DONE!
-Go through the upper fiction and pull books that could fit into the Everybody Chapter book section DONE!
-Mark Everybody Chapter books in the Wildcat favorites DONE!
-Go through non-fiction and renumber books that would fit better in a different dewey category DONE!
-barcode manipulatives in the media storage room
-barcode Cobblestone Magazines DONE!

Plans for next year:
-Instead of a "Genre of the Month", I would like to do a surprise guest reader each month, perhaps via Skype
-Speaking of Skype, I want to utilize it next year DONE!
-acquire more iPads or computers  to be used in the Media Center DONE!
-Have upper grades use more technology to research and create items
-Set up year round centers that include "I Spy" bottles that cover the information literacy skill of the month DONE!

These are my tentative plans, but hopefully I can accomplish most of them.

Any big plans for you this summer or next year?


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