Monday, February 11, 2013

It's Monday! What Are You Reading?

So here's a look at what I've been reading...

The Genius Files: Never Say Genius by Dan Gutman
The second book in the series, twins Coke and Pepsi are back to save the world, or at least themselves, from the creator of the group called the Genius Files, even though they supposedly killed him in the first book. There aren't any codes hidden in the spine of the edge of the text like in the first book, but there are still ciphers in the story and the action continues throughout the book with just a few slow part.  I think fans of the first book will enjoy this one, too, especially the ending. But you'll have to read the book to found out what that is!

Fake Mustache by Tom Angleberger
An exciting book for young readers who are fans of adventure stories mixed with a bit of mystery.  Find out how a couple of young preteens save the country from another young teen who just also happens to be the best friend of one of the kids who is after him.  Sound confusing?  Read this book and all will be revealed!  I am sure that fans of Origami Yoda will love this book by the same author.  I wonder if there'll be a sequel?

3 Below by Patrick Carman
The second book in the Floors series packs just as much excitement in it as the first!  Leo and Remi are left, once again, to save the Whippet Hotel from the clutches of the evil Ms.Sparks who can't wait to tear the building down once the boys fail to pay the taxes owed on the property.  This time the boys explore the basement floors in the hotel,but just because they are below ground doesn't mean they aren't just as exciting as the crazy rooms in which guests in the Whippet get to reside.  Readers of the first book won't be disappointed in this sequel.  It's packed with just as much mystery and action.  Looking forward to reading the next one!

Spy School by Stuart Gibbs
I was so excited about ordering this book. The description looked promising and I had a few choice readers in mind when ordering it, but I was extremely disappointed after reading only a few minutes to come across useless cussing in the book (one "damn" and three occurrences of "ass").  It's really too bad, too, because it would be a great mystery/action/adventure book otherwise.  What young reader wouldn't love a good spy novel, especially when the main character is a young boy?  Such a shame!  If you can get past the unfortunate cussing (which I can' did not enhance the story at all and I don't think the parents of my elementary students would appreciate the cussing,either), the story is full of action that will keep even the most reluctant reader glued to the page.  It has suspense, mystery, and adventure, and you're left wondering if there might be another book. Maybe Mr. Gibbs will do a rewrite of this book (I did find a few typos as well), and edit out those four little words that are keeping this book from being accessible to younger readers who would appreciate the action-packed plot.

My Big Mouth: 10 Songs I Wrote That Almost Got Me Killed by Peter Hanman
Davis Delaware is a ninth grader who has transferred to a new school after his mother died and his father got a new job.  In a way, he is looking forward to starting over with a clean slate.  He was kind of a loser in his old school.  He gets his chance when he starts a band with the coolest girl in school, Molly, who also happens to be the girlfriend of the biggest jerk, er, uh, jock in school.  Of course Davis is gaga over Molly so he tries to impress her by telling all kinds of lies which gets him in all kinds of trouble.  I especially appreciated that the action picked up at the end and that Davis seems to learn his lesson about lying.  Some kissing scenes, but they are mild enough for fifth graders to read.  Reluctant readers will appreciate the drawing and "notebook fiction" feel of the songs Davis writes.  Not bad for a "boy"book. 

So have you read any good books lately?

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