Sunday, February 19, 2012

now!Board? More like WOW! Board

If you haven't heard about Interactive White Boards, chances are you don't have them in your school.  They are the latest and greatest in educational technology and more and more schools are installing them in classrooms.  Interactive Whiteboards are exactly that, interactive and whiteboards.  One of the coolest IWBs on the market is the SMARTboard.  I was lucky enough to have a SMARTboard in my last job as a computer lab teacher.  The kids loved it and so did I.  What makes it so cool is that you can actually touch the board to move things on the screen, no extra tools needed.  Then there is the Promethean ActivBoard. The ActivBoard is similar to the SMARTboard, except it requires the use of a pen or wand to manipulate objects on the screen, much like a mouse would do for a computer.  The downside to this technology is the cost.  A SMARTboard can set you back $1500 or more and a Promethean ActivBoard can go for $5,000.  But now there is a very cool, lower cost!Board.

This little guy turns any plain old white board or even a wall into an Interactive White Board.  And the cost is much, much less...only about $499.  

And here's the super cool, exciting news..Ms. Saoud of the Primary Graffiti blog is GIVING AWAY a $100 giftcard to Learning Resources to help offset the cost of one of these babies!  WOW! right?  

If your curiousity is peaked, then you can head on over to Primary Graffiti to find out how Ms. Saoud used this cool technology and enter to win her giveaway.  Tell her Mrs. Nase sent ya!  =)

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