Thursday, January 14, 2016

2015 Book Swap

Right before we left for the holidays, we had our bi-annual Book Swap.  The week before the Book Swap, students turned in their gently used paperback children's books.  The following week they pick out their "new" books.  So exciting!

I have been doing Book Swaps for 3 years now and they are always a big hit. They are super easy to do with minimal set up and prep.  December is the perfect time to do a Book Swap because students can clear off their shelves to make room for some "new" books.  I also do a Book Swap in April after testing is over.  It's a fun little celebration of learning and makes "testing week" a little more bearable.

You can get a copy of my free Book Swap pack HERE.  It includes everything you need to do a Book Swap at your school.  Hope you enjoy!

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