Wednesday, April 22, 2015

State Testing Fun Resources

Tomorrow begins day 3 of state testing for us here in Coweta County Georgia. Our state test is called the Georgia Milestones Assessment.  This year the test is spread out over 9 days so there are days built in for make ups, so I imagine we'll all feel like we've run for many miles by the time its over. It might be hard to keep up the testing "spirit" for that long, but there are some great resources out there that might be helpful.

One of our first grade teachers organized a visit from the NED Show last year and the kids loved them. The NED Show has a motivation video about testing that I showed a few weeks ago during Media lessons to get the 3rd-5th graders pumped up.  It's a catchy tune..gets stuck in your head after showing it 10 times in one week.  =)

A blog reader emailed me the link to this cute YouTube video made by Cohutta Elementary. (Thanks, Holly!)

And I've come across several others on YouTube:

And here are a couple of general state testing parody videos...

This is an older one, but still fun...

Teachers Pay Teachers also has some fun FREE printables to give to students and some cute testing signs teachers could use for their doors.

THIS test prep freebie from Staying Cool in the Library has posters and bookmarks to make testing more enjoyable.

HERE's a Motivational Test Taking Posters freebie from Number Two Pencils.

You can snag these Free Testing Signs from Learning Lab HERE.

It might be a little late this year to use THESE Test Prep Strategy Posters from Created by Kelly Ann, but maybe you can save them for next year.

Hope you can find something you can use, and if you are testing this week like us, good luck!


  1. Jo, I have to share this one that a teacher at my school made using the Video Star app you taught me about!

    1. Love it, Jennifer! And love that app! I just used Video Star this week to make our summer reading video with the kids to the song "Happy". We're going to make a teacher version, too. I hope to be able to share it on The Book Bug soon.